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Simply the Funding You Need When You Need It

Want to use your best customer’s promise to pay as collateral?Power Project Financing
  • We provide term debt for businesses that have corporate IOUs for future irrevocable payment from their investment-grade customers. 
  • Simple and effective. No fees. No closing costs. No credit committee reviews.
  • 100% funding of bonded project costs with fixed-interest rates around half what most mezzanine lenders charge. 
  • True 3-, 5-, or 7-year “bullet” loans – like “zero coupon loans” – to facilitate construction or amortized financing up to 15 years. 
  • Peace of mind that comes from our integrity. 

Simply the project financing you need, when you need it, without the unwelcome surprises, post-funding reporting requirements or equity participation obligations you will find from private equity, mezzanine and venture capitalists.

Our Financing Features: 
  • Project Funding often delivered in 2 to 6 weeks.  
  • Customized repayment plans for your specific project.
  • Transparency – there are no surprises.
  • Fixed rates – usually in the high single digits.
  • Cost-efficiencies – our project financing is less expensive than most mezzanine and hedge-funded finance companies.
  • No equity control – we rarely request any equity or stock warrants.
  • Infrequent personal guarantees.
  • No  unwelcome surprises, such as post-funding reporting requirements, surprise loan points, or annual audit and legal fees.
  • Subordinated real estate, equipment and inventory to facilitate taxable or bank end loans. 
Minimum Requirements:
  • Irrevocable payment guarantee from Moody’s or S&P investment-grade guarantor.
  • $10 million minimum funding.
  • Amortized Term loans of 3 to 15 years.
  • Single-payment “bullet loans” with paybacks deferred for 3 to 7 years.
  • Project Financing must be earmarked for tangible, economically beneficial projects.
  • 10 Question Project Financing Questionnaire
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