Financing for High Growth Business

Tired of dealing with private equity sharks, vulture capitalists
and investment bankers?

We provide subordinated term debt at 9.95% fixed rate for M&A and early stage businesses needing more than $10 million, with no upside limit, if they have investment grade customers committed to buying from them at a fair price. 

  • We offer true 3, 5 or 7-year "bullet" loan structures, with no interim interest payments, to facilitate project construction or initial ramp-up periods.
  • Our amortized loans can provide 3 years of payment skips to facilitate initial ramp-up or construction.

Do You Have Customers Who Want Payment Terms? 

affiliated-financing-high-growth-business.jpgWe are cash-flow lenders, looking to provide outstanding vendor terms for irrevocable corporate IOU’s from Investment Grade customers.  We can arrange a single payment “zero coupon bond” style payment from investment grade customers with scheduled deliveries over 3 to 5 years. Your business receives the cash today or deferred over 12 months. 

Our project financing is dramatically less expensive than conventional mezzanine and hedge-funded finance companies. The fact that we rarely bother with collateral assignments on equipment or real estate or personal guarantees, as well as providing "payment skips" and single-digit fixed interest terms are often considered very attractive.

While our need for an irrevocable payment date and amount is inflexible, once it is received, we are very flexible in how it is repaid.  We can accept extremely irregular cash flows in order to facilitate financing success while providing for the option of subordinating most collateral to a conventional lender. Also, there are no "points" or surprise annual fees for you to learn about at the closing table.

We are paid by our institutional investors to provide Term Debt for projects with investment grade irrevocable guarantors. In every instance, Affiliated Financing will refund the good faith deposit and will pay all of the lender's closing costs when the transaction funds, so there are no "points" or surprise annual fees for you to learn about at the closing table.

Economic Development Sources wishing to help job-creating projects in their jurisdiction secure financing.  If there is a multiple of options sources available after the project is built, we can arrange 3-5 year bridge loans, as long as the local EDC irrevocably guarantees repayment will be delivered on the due date from whatever source the EDC chooses.  The EDC can place a blanket “all asset” liens or equipment and real estate mortgages to control the assets and make sure the loan is repaid. With three years of operations history, most projects should be “bankable”. 
Our project financing is done on a non-recourse basis structured as private placements, and are sold to one institutional investor, rather than to hundreds or thousands of smaller investors. Closings are fast and efficient; we pay for the origination and preparation of all documents for closings.