Project Financing

With bank lending at 65% or less and subordinated loan interest at 2% to 5% per month, including equity dilution, we have a longer term project financing solution for projects with minimum irrevocable payment guarantees from Moody’s or S&P rated investment grade customers or off-take.

Entrepreneur projects all need strong customer support before detailed business plans and permits are obtained.  Good examples are:

Alternative energy project

Landfill gas to energy

Retrofitting hydro-electric dams

Governmental initiatives like bio-waste transfer and recycling  projects

Re-opening coal mines

If strong customer support is there, we can provide:

100% of project costs on properly permitted transactions

“Payment holidays” during construction and “ramp up” periods

Payment terms to facilitate completion bonding

Escrowing 1 year’s payments in advance

Structuring payment guarantees as “put options”

Structuring our financing to “keep your equity dry” for future opportunities

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